We all live in a time of fast changes. Development, changes and transformation actually is part of the nature of life itself. Changes can be scary. They can as well inspire and open up new possibilities.

Dalai Lama often says „We all want to be happy. We all want to avoid unhappiness”. Dalai Lama together with Eckhart Tolle, Gangaji and Preethaji are very important teachers and inspirers of mine.

Eckhart Tolle teaches us that the identification with the content of our mindscauses us suffering. Gangaji learned from her master, Papaji that total stillness, including total stillness in the mind, gives access to our true nature. Preethaji teaches us that our idea that we are separate beings causes suffering to ourselves and others.

They all in a bit different ways point to our un-conditioned nature. Our un-conditioned nature is such a significant part of our human nature so lack of connection to it is an im-balance in itself.

My philosophy is that we can all move towards increasing connection to our un-conditioned nature, thus move towards increasing peace and presence.

Doing so our wounds from the past starts to heal, our longing for a „something”; turns stepwise to the satisfaction that the mind cannot know about and the dysfunction of the average mind with its fear and sense of lack turns stepwise to increasing joy, the natural will to respect all life, bow to life, co-operate with life with the most possible of intelligence and wisdom.

For serving this movement, change, development, Prana Visions uses breathwork, meditations, dynamic moving, and other tools.