School programme

Program Szkoły Prana Visions

The Prana Visions School of Breathwork Practicioners consists of four semesters.

Relationship to oneself

The first semester is focused on relationship to oneself. Do you have a friendly, supportive, appreciating, filled with thankfulness relationship to yourself? Is there ever a subtle feeling that You are not OK?

Well! OK!

We meet with this in different ways. Many ideas on the mind’s level change automatically whilst we release stress by different breathing techniques. AND – throughout the years the focus for Prana Visions School have more and more included our un-conditioned nature.

When you connect to your un-conditioned nature a transformation starts. You suddenly see, sense, feel that LIFE is something BIG, incredible, holy… and You yourself are part of this. It changes our approach to everything, including the approach to ourselves.

From the perspective of the un-conditioned, we just naturally step off self-judgement and step on a wise, self-supportive approach to ourselves. It is even not difficult any longer, although life in it´s multiplicity and with all challenges are the same on the outside.

Relationships to others

Relationships to others are to a big extent about our relationships to our closest ones. We are born in relationships. We grow up inside them.

Friends, work, our own and others’ cultures, the extended family, the fact that we are more of world-citizens than ever before, are as well a part of our relationships to others. Patch-work families, same-sex relationships are elements of what we all may live in or for sure meet more and more often.

This is an invitation to open, deepen, widen our perspectives on ourselves and on others. Good communication skills are very important. We will practice communication, look at how we influence and get influenced in our relationships. We will look at dependency and co-dependency.

We will as well observe what difference it makes in our relationships when we connect to our un-conditioned nature.

In the connection to our un-conditioned nature we become present, access an energy-rich calmness, see straight through the illusions of the mind…

With this different approach more easiness, more joy, and more creativity come into everything, including our relationships.

Relationships in professional situations

On the 3rd semester we keep on working with relationships – now the ones we have in proffessional situations. We also focus on diploma work. A good guidance and help here is Kylea Taylor´s book “The Ethics of Caring”.

On the 3rd semester we keep on working with relationships – now the ones we have in professional situations. We also focus on diploma work. A good guidance and help here is Kylea Taylor´s book ‘The Ethics of Caring’. Relationships to clients often activate new challenges. It may be insecurities. It may be expectations towards oneself to have an answer to everything. It may be totally different things. The class is a beautiful possibility to share, support, and widen perspectives. We continue to see, sense, experience the importance there is to connect to our un-conditioned nature. Connected to this one, for example, we are suddenly free from the need of being perfect and free from the need of having a certain kind of feedback. This different inner freedom makes us naturally more present in all we do; more present, more relaxed, more alert. It makes it easier for us to support ourselves and others in wise ways. We also work further on learning and experiencing more about breath in all its richness and possibilities.

Non-Violent Communication

During that semester we focus on Non-Violent Communication. This concept is created be Marshall B. Rosenberg and can beautifully serve individuals, families, and all up to big international situations. We take the next step of moving deeper than reactivity, responding from wisdom and presence.

We weave it all together, the content of each semester, seeing that each focus, each aspect, is a part of one wholeness, in which we all live our lives.

We talk about support systems in working with ourselves and others. The breathing experience deepens, as well as inner and outer leadership.