Breathing sessions

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What is a breathing session?

During the session you take energetic, deep breaths, starting from your belly and expanding your whole chest upwards.

The energetic inhalation is followed by a relaxing exhalation, the chest collapses under its own weight, effortlessly.
And again energetic inhalation….
And exhalation….

There is no pause between inhalation and exhalation, as well as between exhalation and inhalation.

In other words, not even the shortest moment of pausing for breath.

When we breathe in such an intensive manner in a way that is controlled by us at the beginning, after a while the body usually enters into the rhythm of this way of breathing on its own.

The session has its own dynamic duration in time:
The energy rises during the session reaching a climax and then falls back and we return to normal breathing.

The course of this wave is an individual matter for the breather, but it usually lasts about an hour, and the subjective perception of the passage of time may be completely different or non-existent, because during a properly conducted session we usually stop controlling such things as the passage of time.


What happens during?

During the session our body gets greatly oxygenated. The energy of the breath, reaching the cells like a cleansing wave, starts to melt away blockages, tensions. We can feel various sensations in the body: tingling, cramps, pains, cold, hot, heavy, light.

All this passes without leaving any negative effect in our body, but during the session we may feel that something dangerous is happening and we may become anxious. Therefore, it is important to know before the session what can happen and that it is not threatening nor will it remain after the session.


Why would I want to do this and what are the effects of the session?

After the session:
• You are more relaxed.
• You perceive the world and certain things differently, usually more simply and fully, because you experience yourself differently.
• New energy enters you (literally, as you inhale and your body oxygenates).
• And many, many other things happen, sometimes even MIRACLES which are best experienced by yourself.


Is it possible to breathe this way alone, without a leading practicioner?

Due to the above described possible reactions of the body, it is absolutely discouraged to experiment and start on your own without an experienced trainer.
With no less than ten sessions with a breath practicioner, if we are physically and mentally healthy, this type of work can be done alone, in the comfort of our own home.