September 2022 saw the start of the 3rd semester of the 8th edition edition of our School in Wroclaw, and the start of classes in Cracow – that is the 9th edition of the Prana Visions School. Cracow edition of the school has its meetings in Korzkiew, near Cracow.

The recruitment for the 10th edition of the School of Breathwork Practicioners is currently underway – it will start in September 2023 in Wroclaw.

Fill in the application form – you can find the form below.
You can also download the application form in a printable .pdf file which you will find in the link below. Once completed, print, scan or take a photo and send it by e-mail to

If you have questions about the school, please contact the organisers in Wroclaw or Cracow by e-mail or phone:

Wroclaw – Anna Muszczyńska
Phone:. +48 518 555 788

Cracow/Korzkiew – Ewa Gajewska
Phone: +48 601 227 356



Individual diploma work

  • Education at the Prana Visions School of Breathwork Practicionersis based on a holistic philosophy. The body, thoughts, emotions, and life energy are treated as a whole. The classes consist of practice, theory and exercises.
  • The interaction between each student and the group is very important.
  • Our work deals with breathwork in many possible aspects – both its application and its teaching. It is as well about the transformative potential we have that is deeper than thoughts and emotions.
  • The application form is intended to serve both you and your teachers. For you – to identify your motivation; for your teachers – to help them support you in the best possible way.
  • All information is confidential.
School Application Form










The Prana Visions School of Breath Coaches is the controller of your personal data. The information is stored and processed for the purpose of teaching and communication with and between students at the private Prana Visions Breath Coaches School, of which Rani Spets Edgren is the founder and principal leader.